Douglas Graham

Douglas started his working life as a fish biologist splashing around in rivers in the west of Scotland (far less glamorous than it sounds), but has worked in fundraising for charities for the last 19 years. Over that time he has worked for the Royal Agricultural Benevolent Association, Oxfam, Earthwatch, Oxfam again, the British Heart Foundation, the Motor Neurone Disease Association , and now finds himself CEO of Oxford Hospitals Charity.

Over this time he has held a variety of fundraising roles covering a wide range of areas, including legacy marketing, new product development, supporter retention, and as a director of fundraising. He is passionate about ensuring fundraising plans are well thought through, and that those delivering them have the right environment and support to do so. Douglas has had the privilege/luck to be involved in two large public fundraising activities – launching Oxfam Unwrapped and responding to the Ice Bucket Challenge. The former was proactive and the latter was reactive; it is very important to understand this difference.

Over the years Douglas has benefited from valuable advice and support given generously and freely by numerous people, and is delighted to continue to do so. This is his chance to help others in the same way.


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