Grahame Darnell

Grahame is a proven strategist and all round fundraiser with over 20 years experience. He balances strategic thinking with practical knowledge of key fundraising areas, ensuring that strategies can be closely tailored and implemented to an organisation and its cause. As an ex Director of Fundraising he understands people, structures and cultures, and has planned and led many change programmes.

Grahame began his fundraising career after working in marketing in the commercial sector. He started out as a corporate fundraising manager at the beginning of the year 2000 and, whilst he has experience across fundraising he is considered to hold a deep specialism in corporate fundraising. He is passionate about the development of the fundraising profession and is a mentor to several fundraisers.

“As a mentor I love seeing people with talent grow and flourish. It is very rewarding to play a part in helping someone realise their potential”.

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