Iain McWhirter

Iain has been Head of Fundraising at MND Scotland for 11 years, and had led the charity’s considerable income growth over that period. Like most fundraisers he came into the role through a somewhat circuitous route having previously worked initially in sales, then subsequently as a civil servant where he gained considerable experience managing individuals and teams, working with senior management, and delivering change programmes.


He has experience in all areas of fundraising, particularly community and events, and played a key role in the success of the Ice Bucket Challenge in Scotland in 2014. Iain is also Treasurer of a newly established charity delivering community arts projects in north Glasgow.


“My role is heavily involved in both fundraising and organisational strategic development, and I’ve built, coached, and managed successful incarnations of my fundraising team over the years. I’ve been fortunate to have been informally mentored by a couple of excellent fundraising leaders, and I’m really enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and experience to enable effective fundraising to flourish.”



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