Sandra Sahusilawani

After a 15 year career in finance Sandra felt she had neglected her responsibility to contribute to society. She tried to volunteer, but that was not the right fit. Sandra wondered how she could use her experience and capacities best and landed at SOS Children’s Villages in the Netherlands end of 2008, where they were setting up a major donor gifts program. Relationship management has always been the red tread in her career, and talking with people about their money was something she was used to. Instead of making more money with their money, this time it was about supporting vulnerable children! Much more exciting and satisfying. It was the best career switch in her life.

Quite quickly, she was promoted as the head of leadership giving and built a great team. Sandra had an amazing time for around 6 years, acquiring and managing up to 7-figure private gifts. As major donor fundraising was not a regular income stream on an international level, the International Office asked her to join the team for a capital campaign. This is where she met Tony, he supported her to drive this project. They brainstormed, analysed and developed a strategy. Tony showed her team the wealth of knowledge and potential they were sitting on, it was already so close to them, already there.  It only needed a bit of donor love and care. A little back support. Moreover, Tony told Sandra that she was the one who could pull that off.  Sandra joined the International Office in 2015, is now heading the International Corporate Partnerships & Philanthropy team, and is a team member of the International Fund Development Management Team. They drive leadership giving working with an expert network of 82 country offices and manage global corporate accounts.

“I was honoured when TEF asked me to join as a mentor. I am always super proud when you can guide someone, and show them what they are unconscious competent. And that others have recognized that already, they just need to haves someone who gives them a little back support. In addition, than one day, they get it! You can see it by the way they behave and speak. Mission accomplished!”

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